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At Concentrex Laboratories we are focused on a continued provision and improvement of quality medical products. Through a vigorous study, testing and innovation of better steroids for guaranteed desired results. The company has its focus geared towards achieving customer satisfaction and being among the best players in the bodybuilding industry.

Concentrex Laboratories is proud to be included among the leading companies in the provision of quality performance engaging drugs for the acquisition of incredibly desired physiques. We endeavor to provide our esteemed customers with the most viable and pure steroid formulations, easily and readily affordable to athletes on the global scale. The bodybuilding industry has flocked with countless players, some of whom offer deceitful products but Concentrex Laboratories?give guarantee of quality products only.

  • MISSION:To build and maintain good customer relationships through the purchases of medical products by meeting the customers requirements.
  • VISION: To provide quality and safe medical products which have gone through various tests
  • GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Credibility excellence and reliability are the core principles we plan to incorporate in our mission to attain the desired level of customer satisfaction which we are well aware is the key point to achievement of the firm’s ultimate goals including profitability and globalization. Our determined quality and assurance team is in constant and vigorous research to develop new and improved products to enhance our market competitiveness.

The firm aims at providing the most efficient anabolic and androgenic products in the market today. These are bound to come in different forms including injectable, capsules, gels and tablets for both also and injection administration. Our products offer a diversified range of contents for various benefits including peptides, proteins, anabolic and androgenic hormones to anti- estrogens in different formulations. The following are some of our products: ?

  • Sustatrex 350 - contains four powerful esters that have helped it achieve one of the best voted steroids by athletes all over the world. It works in an amazing way to restore low testosterone levels to normal to curb all problems cause by low testosterone levels.Helps build muscle while still removing excess fats from the body for a lean shredded body. A prolonged usage followed by an abrupt termination of cycles might cause insignificant estrogenic effects.
  • Enantrex 350 - the testosterone is among the most used in many parts of the world mostly because it is readily affordable, very effective and easy to acquire in the market. It is also multipurpose; used for both mass and muscle building.? It is also a dose independent. For instance, high dosage equals to better results. The drug also adds to the red cells count enhancing endurance and stamina while working out. Safe when taken on recommended doses but has very mild side effects.
  • Propitrex 150 - also marketed as ‘test prop’ and contains pure testosterone meaning better androgenic results though might convert into estrogen, therefore, requires taking with other steroids that inhibit the conversion to prevent undesired results or side effects. A regular weekly dosage is recommended for desired results since it wears off quickly from the system. Its high testosterone composition makes a user more vulnerable to androgenic effects.
  • Decatrex 350 - although very hard to come across it in its pure form, it is among the best anabolic steroids. It is also slow working and dissolves slowly hence more lasting effects. It does not need aggressive administration and also guarantees of incredible results. It has relatively more tolerable side effects from other steroids in the market today. It has moderate aromatization effects hence water retention and weight loss might be experienced.
  • Cypiotrex 350 - considered by most athletes as a superior among other products in its class. Sales and popularity of this injectable steroid have proved its exclusiveness, especially in the US. It only requires a small dosage and has negligible side effects in the long run. It is a huge facilitator in building strength and power levels for athletes and body builders.
  • Primotrex 150 - stands out as one of the few steroids that come in both injectable and oral forms. Although it also has minimal side effects, it requires a continued usage of two months for visible results, so determination and patience count when it comes to Primotex. Unless overdosed, the drug has minimal reported cases of side effects. The appropriate dosage for women is 350-600mg per week.
  • Trenatrex 150 - considered to be a potent steroid when it comes to muscle building and cutting off unwanted fats. It has also been known to give incredibly profound results to serious fitness fanatics, athletes and body builders which also qualify it among the most commonly used steroids.? A short half-life, however, requires a dosage per every 2-3 days and this aggressive administration might come with more adverse side effects. The drug is also preferred for its ability to prevent anti-catabolic effects (muscle loss). It, however, has slight disruption of the thyroid activity.
  • Equitrex 350 - this is a long-term injectable steroid made from a simple alteration of the chemical formula of the testosterone hormone compound. Similar in strength to the famous Deca regarding mass gain but is also more of a gradual worker making it better in vascularity and muscle building. An abnormal increase in appetite is, however, a strange side effect to reckon with while taking the drug especially when you are on a diet.
  • Stanotrex 150 - This is a partial androgenic and anabolic, water based steroid although the anabolic side is more dominant. It is not esterified, and this means a short half-life (24 hrs) although it can be detected in urine after ten days. Many trials and tests have indicated the drug is more effective for bulking and leaning as compared to others in its category. It is recommended for use for only six weeks and completely avoided for users with a history of liver or cardiac conditions.
  • Stanotrex 10mg - this anabolic steroid is famous for its ability to exhibit anabolic rather than an androgenic activity to stimulate the growth of quality muscles. It does not convert to estrogen, and this makes it preferable to others. When used alone, it does not display appealing results especially when utilized for a short period. This thus requires the drug to be used in combination with others. The drug does not have estrogen related complications common with many other steroids.
  • Oxatrex 10mg - this product is the primary choice for many athletes, performance enhancers, and body builders for its gentle nature hence the tolerable anabolic steroid available in the market today. It also can also lead to muscle wasting. The standard dosage for the drug stands at 15-60 mg per day. Unlike other androgenic steroids, this one poses a threat of insensitivity especially when overdosed or just abused.
  • Norditrex 10IU HGH - like testosterone, it is just a growth hormone which is naturally produced by the body and may require supplementing with drugs in case the body cannot produce enough. The drug is popular for its enhancement of stamina, vigor, youth and great skin. The injectable dose is natural rejuvenator of youth strength. The drug is preferred for its ability not to damage the liver or cause aromatization (testosterone conversion to estrogen).
  • Mastertrex 150 - popular and unique injectable anabolic steroid using in cutting steroid cycles. It?s a modified version of Dihidrotestosterone.
  • Anatrex 10mg - One of the most effective oral steroids ever made, which is widelly used as a bulking component.
  • Etrenatrex 250- Powerful anabolic steroid among athletes and bodybuilders

The products are not standardized and may have some minor effects on the health of the user. We, however, try to minimize the effects by advocating for doses with minimal effects or combinations that will lessen the effects. We, however, warn against imposters of our products and advocate for counter checking of our authentication.