Get Your Sample Package

Do you have bad experience with scammers and fraudulent companies which makes you more suspicious and you do not know where to buy steroids online?
Are you interested in our products but you want to check our credibility first?

No problem, we have a solution!

Every reliable online seller of anabolic steroids has his own proven practice how to convince sceptic people about his reliability. Since worldwide market is crowded by many fake and not responsible sellers and scammers, customers are more sensitive when they are choosing their future supplier.

For this purpose we decided to offer a service called “Free Sample Package” for each new customer.

What does Free Sample Package mean and what is its purpose?

As its name suggests, it is a small product sample which is discreetly packaged and processed like a regular order by regular registered mail. The main purpose of this service is to acquaint the customer with our method of delivery and the whole delivery process but it is also some kind of reliability test for a customer.

How can I get my Free Sample Package?

Each new customer who has valid membership on is entitled to get a sample package.
First off all, you have to create your account on Then you just need to forward your request to one of our staff members. Fill in the contact form, and send it. Please do not forget to choose SAMPLE PACKAGE REQUEST as a specification.

Your request will be reviewed by our authorized stuff member and he will contact you within 3-24 hours after your request is received.

Over the past few years we received thousands of these requests. Unfortunately, major part of these requests comes from speculative individuals. We use to call them Time Wasters or Wheeler-Dealers.
It is a specific and strange sort of people. They abuse our willingness to get something for free and they have any interest to buy something and be our regular customer.

We do not like fraudulent behaviour and intensions at all so we decided to require a small reciprocal service from the applicants. We need to see that you are a real person with any fraudulent intentions.

Your identity needs to be verified, otherwise you will not get any sample package!!

For this purpose, send us a copy of your ID card or driver's license to

Do not worry. It is nothing complicated and we do not have any interest to interfere into your privacy.

You should cover all personal details you dont want us to see, except your full name, date of birth and place of your permanent residence.

If the information you have provided is valid, we process and dispatch your sample package as soon as possible.

Please be aware that you have to be at least 21 years old if you want to participate with us.

What does my package contain and what is the delivery time?

Each sample package contains either 1ml-2ml injectable product or small amount of tablets.
The package usually contains one of these products :

  • Testosteron Depo Galenika 1ml amp.
  • Testoviron Depot 1ml amp.
  • Sustanon 250 1ml amp.
  • Methandienone Tablets Akrikhin 10 tabs.
  • Clenbuterol Tablets Sopharma 10 tabs.
  • Cypionax 2ml amp.

Only one product sample per customer is allowed!!!

Because the amount of our samples is limited, the decision what sample you are going to get is not up to you.
All sample packages are sent via regular registered mail (trackable)

Delivery time should not exceed:

  • United States of America 7-12 days
  • European Union 3-7 days
  • Rest of the world 6-21 days

*Starting from the point of package's departure from outward office of exchange in sender's country.