Injectable Stanozolol

Stanozolol usually sold as Winstrol (oral) and Winstrol Depot (injectable), is an anabolic steroid which has been derived from hormone dihydrotestosterone. is not a very popular drug among most users and not used as the singular foundation steroid in any steroid treatment cycle. This drug is used alone only in a few exceptional cases. It is recommended for use as an extra element to gain more on your steroid cycle. Stanozolol is appropriate for individuals who expect to gain athletic speed or hard and lean appearance from their steroid treatment. This sole androgen is not appropriate for users desiring increased mass gains.

Stanozolol improves fat loss and increases strength gains when used with other steroids for the very purpose. What it does basically is improving the efficacy of the staple steroid used in the steroid cycle undergone. It can bring tangible improvements and increments to steroid cycles which are slow to show results. However, in the case of high performance anabolic steroids which show remarkable results without any extra element, it is unnecessary to use Stanozolol since its effect is subtle in such events. Since it is a relatively costly drug, it is only recommended for use as an optional element for advanced users such as athletes. However, you can still use this to gain higher benefits on your steroid cycle if it is in the mild range, for an example in a case where 500 mg/week Testosterone is the only other steroid used.

One notable feature of Stanozolol that sets it apart from other injectable steroids is that it is not esterified. It is provided as an aqueous suspension which is directly administered to the calf. Being an aqueous suspension does not mean that it can be dissolved in water. In fact none of it dissolves in water. Administering Stanozolol by injecting it to calf is rather painful than injecting on other muscles, which show better tolerance to pain.

Research evidence shows that drug levels remain fairly stable for about 7 days following administration. Most common doses practiced for Stanozolol are as 50 mg per day and 50-100 mg every other day. It can be chosen upon best convenience whether to take injection daily or every other day. When administering, inject the drug intramuscularly at an amount of 1 ml at a time with an insulin syringe. It is not recommended to use higher doses of the drug with the intention of gaining even better results. In fact, increasing the dose of Stanozolol does not work that way. Doses mentioned above as commonly used dosages are ideal for any steroid cycle.

This drug is not suitable for women who expect physique enhancement. Injectable Stanozolol cannot be guaranteed safe for women who are much concerned about avoiding hirutism and maintaining their natural voice.There is no conversion to estrogen process in the use of Stanozolol, for which reason it does not aromatize. Unlike Testosterone, it is not converted into androgen being affected by the 5alpha-reductase enzyme.

All in all, Stanozolol is an optional drug for males who expect better and quicker results from their steroid cycles. In terms of side effects, it is rated as a drug in the mild range.