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Kamagra-100 Gold Ajanta Pharma 4 tablets

Kamagra-100 Gold Ajanta Pharma(Sildenafil Citrate 100mg Tablets IP by Ajanta Pharma, India)

Sildenafil Citrate 4 tabs. x 100mg/tab. 



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Kamagra-100 Gold Ajanta Pharma (1x4 Sildenafil Citrate Tablets IP - 100mg/tab.)

Kamagra-100 Gold Ajanta Pharma is a generic complement of Viagra it is well-known for medication of erectile dysfunction as well as other sexual conditions in males. The product is produced by a company called Ajanta Pharma Limited, situated in India. Kamagra-100 Gold is a medication that is retailed by numerous authorized chemists across the globe. It comprises of active ingredients which are available in the product Pfizer known as Viagra. The key active ingredient found in this medicine is Sildenafil Citrate and is as well present in the men prescription drug.
Recommended temperature of storage for this drug should be below 77 Fahrenheit (or 25 degrees centigrade). Also, as it is the case with any other drugs, Kamagra-100 Gold must b kept out of reach of animals and children.
Kamagra-100 Gold functions through increasing flow of blood inside the human body while enhancing blood flow into the penis. Thus a longer, stronger and harder erection results. It comes about with increased content of nitric oxide in human body, therefore allowing relaxation of muscles and vein expansion around the penis area such that oxygen and blood can easily pass through.

Some safety warnings and precaution against overdose are available. Patients must feel free to let doctors know about their sexual history and condition. User's ailments such as low or high levels of blood pressure, heart issues and vision problems should also be made known to the doctor. While under this medication, patients should get up or lie down in slow motion to avoid dizziness. Responsible alcohol levels should be taken, and elderly users require to recall their proneness of sensitivity to his drug. Finally, the medication must be taken once per every day as recommended. If more than a single tablet I consumed without doctor's guidance, this constitutes over dosage that results in adverse effects. An erection lasting for more than four hours is the as serious indication of an overdosage. Other indicators are severe fainting, nausea, chest pain, and light-headedness during sexual activity and unusual heartbeat. Patients should immediately contact a doctor in cases of such symptoms and or/signs.
In term of cycles and dosages Kamagra-100 Gold should be administered orally with water. Strictly, the drug should be taken quarter an hour before commencing of sexual activity. To attain maximum benefits from the drug during sexual intercourse, it is recommended that users get sexual stimulation.

There exist several dosages of Kamagra-100 Gold. For instance, 100 mg dose taken each day. During the first prescription, a doctor might recommend a lower dosage with a gradual increase so as to attain he correct amount that is peculiar to each patient. In cases of downside effects, the dosages should be altered with doctor's advice. Individuals ailing from secondary to relatively high anxiety levels as well as those experiencing minor erectile dysfunction may take the drug to assist raise their condition and increase their wellbeing.
Numerous drugs can safely interact with Kamagra Effervescent Tablets. They include nitrates (for instance, isosorbide, amyl nitrate, nitro-glycerine and mononitrate), cisapride, certain medications for HIV infection and fungal diseases, rifampin, erythromycin, methscopolamine nitrate as well as other sildenafil drugs.

Regarding adverse side effects, diarrhoea, headache, and rear discomfort nasal congestion, drowsiness, running nose, flushing, light sensitivity, blurred vision, light sensitivity and stomach upset are the most common symptoms. However, these side effects do not need any medical help. Serious adverse side effects that a patient must talk to a health practitioner includes; painful or prolonged erection, chest pain, changes in hearing and vision, allergic reactions such as rash, blurred eyesight, swelling of lips, face and hands, breath shortness and fast or irregular heartbeat.