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Cypionax Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml TP Drug Laboratories 2ml amp

Cypionax®10 ampoules TP Drugs(Total 2000mg of high quality of Testosteron Cypionate by TP Drug Laboratories buy now !)

Testosterone Cypionate 100mg/ml  



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Cypionax ®

Pharmaceutical name: Cypionax®
Class : Anabolic / Androgenic Steroids
Active Substance :  Testosterone Cypionate
Pack:  100mg/ml   -  2ml/amp.  - 10 amps.
Active Life : 15-16 days
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Dosages :
•    Beginner : 200-500 mg / week
•    Intermediate : 500-600 mg/week  
•    Pro :1000/2000 mg/week

Testosterone Cypionate is available as a creamy white crystalline powder, which is insoluble in water. It is freely soluble in most organic solvents including vegetable oils, ether, alcohol and chloroform. The white powder is stable in air and free from odor. This drug is testosterone itself but esterified for longevity, storage and ease of administering. Since it is esterified, its effects last longer. Although half-lives and active life periods are different, Testosterone Cypionate is very similar to Testosterone Enanthate. This drug is quite popular among body builders since it is rather cost effective and very reliable as a drug.
Cypionax 200 is a good choice for a first time steroid user. A 10 week cycle with 500 mg per week makes a good first cycle and can yield remarkable results following the end of the initial cycle itself. Doses between 500 – 1000 mg per week are recommended for athletes who take their exercise and mass gain more serious.
Discontinuation of a steroid cycle can bring side effects of varying adversities. However, occurrence of side effects should not be a reason to discontinue a cycle. The benefit of the gain is always higher than the side effect. Long term use of Testosterone Cypionate can result in mild side effects such as hair loss, oily skin and acne. There can be alerting side effects such as gynecomastia that leads to growth of breast tissue in men resulting in testicular shrinkage, swelling of the prostate and increased blood pressure.
In overall, Testosterone Cypionate is an effective drug for both amateurs and professional athletes, which is also cost effective and rather safe in terms of side effects. Always follow a healthy steroid cycle with proper dosages for proper durations to avoid/minimize adverse conditions and side effects. Store the drug out of reach of children and pets.