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DMMA Pre-workout Supplement

1, 3 dimethylamine (DMAA) is a stimulant which gives a burst of energy and alertness. It occurs naturally in geranium oil and can be synthesized in the laboratory. DMAA is one of the main ingredients used in most dietary supplements athletes use to boost their performance. It is also used in weight loss supplements. DMAA is also known as 1, 3 diethylpentylamine. It is marketed under the trade names Geranamine and Forthane. Originally, the product was used in to cure nasal congestion, but currently, it is being used for a myriad of purposes such as stimulant to enhance athletic performance, weight loss enhancer and supplement for attention deficit-hyperactive disorder.

As a stimulant, DMAA is similar to caffeine. It triggers a quick spike of energy, however, using a different mechanism of action from that of caffeine. Its properties resemble the properties of amphetamines, so it gives a false positive result in a urine drug test. Hence it is not prohibited for competing athletes.

How it Works

DMAA stimulates the release of norepinephrine. The surge of norepinephrine, in turn, causes an increase in heart rate and breathing rate; it causes vasoconstriction and gives a feeling of intense focus, strength, and alertness. This adrenaline-like effect makes it ideal for use as a pre-workout stimulant.

Benefits of DMAA

The benefits of DMAA can be grouped into two parts; its body building benefits, and weight loss benefits. Regarding the body building benefits, depending on the dosage, it increases the blood pressure without causing an increase in heart rate. This vasoconstriction property is necessary during active training sessions, as the restriction in blood flow stimulates muscle hypertrophy without much intensity. It causes an increase in focus and energy. Due to its benefit, professional workers, stay at home moms and students use DMAA to increase their focus and mental alertness. DMAA is also used as a party pill because it causes a release of dopamine, which gives a temporary sensation of euphoria and happiness. Because of this, young people who want to have fun take the pill for an utmost euphoric feeling.

For athletes, DMAA based supplement provides the surge of energy and motivation they need to do to work out. When an athlete is fatigued, a healthy dose of DMAA based supplement can provide the energy and motivation that can last for a whole workout session.

Furthermore, DMAA increases the ability of the body to endure pain. It also improves an athlete’s stamina. These two properties make DMAA very useful for athletes who go through very strenuous workout sessions.

Also, DMAA’s dosage dependent vasoconstriction stimulates low-intensity muscle growth.

DMAA is also efficacious for fat loss. When used in combination with caffeine and other ingredients, DMAA was found to be a very potent fat burner. Experts have found that DMAA based fat burners decreases body weight and total fat, and reduces appetite more than placebo, a popular commercial weight loss supplement. The study also found that DMAA increases fat burn 167% more and increases the body metabolic state by 35% more than placebo does.

Side Effects of DMAA

Just like every other product, DMAA based supplements have some adverse side effects. These side effects, however, comes mainly due to an overdose of the drugs. If one sticks to the usual dosage, these side effects will not occur.  Some of the downside effects of DMAA based supplements are listed below.

  1. Despite the fact that the drugs trigger an energy burst, it subsequently causes a crash in energy after a few hours. Apart from power drop, it causes mood swing also.
  2. The vasoconstriction DMAA causes can lead to heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases later in life. It also puts one at risk of shortness of breath, seizures and tightening in the chest.
  3. The FDA warns that abuse of this substance can cause adverse effects such as arrhythmias, psychiatric disorder, neurological disorder and even death, in extreme cases.

For an athlete to avoid the adverse effects of DMAA use, it is highly recommended that they stick to the standard dosage of DMAA, and not abuse it because even water can become harmful when abused.

Best Ways to Take DMAA-based Supplements

Athletes who usually use DMAA to increase their efficiency and power during workout sessions take the supplement in combination with L-Theanine or Sulbutiamine which help in preventing the side effects, and blocking off anxiety, jitters and restlessness. 

For workers, students and other professionals who take DMAA based supplement as a part of nootropic supplements to boost brain function, mental energy and alertness, it is best to stack it with a choline source such as Picamilon, Alpha GPC, or Aniracetam, to create a synergy of positive effects.

Standard Dosage of DMAA

When taking DMAA capsules, endeavor to stick to the recommended doses written on the leaflet of the drug. You can take the supplement some hours before workout and at intervals during the day.

As indicated on the leaflets of most DMAA based drugs, the recommended dosage one should take is from 25 mg to 75 mg, and this can be administered befor your workout. However, it is generally recommended that it should be taken only once in a day.

For the best results most manufacturers of DMAA based drugs recommend that the pills be taken 30 minutes before an intense workout or  study session. You can also take these supplements at random, at any time when you need the extra burst of mental or physical energy.

For some users, the intense bust of energy which comes from the pills crashes after a few hours, but some others get to experience this surge of energy for a longer time without feeling any adverse side effects.

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