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Anapolon 50mg Abdi Ibrahim - Oxymetholone 20 tablets

Anapolon®50mg Abdi Ibrahim(Genuine Anapolon®50mg Tablets (Oxymetholone 50mg/tab) Abdi Ibrahim, Turkey )

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Pharmaceutical name: Anapolon®50mg
Active Substance : Oxymetholone
Manufacturer: Abdi Ibrahim
Package: 20 tablets - 50mg/tablet
Standard dosage : 50-200mg/day
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Oxymetholone is an anabolic/androgenic steroid addressed orally with an active range and has the following common brand names: Anapolon, Oxydrol and Androlic. Mostly used for muscle and strength building practices. Both anabolic and androgenic component contained in its composition are adamant. Highly recommendable for beginners and women but suitable for those in the hobby, and professionals. Prescription for those in hobby ranges between 50-150 mg per day while those in profession vary from 50-300mg per day. The duration of use is estimated to range between periods of four weeks and six weeks. The commonly available drug quantity is packed in tablets containing 50mg and 100mg. The drug exhibiting high androgenic and anabolic characteristics makes it fit for use by those hobbies such as athletes and professionals. Cases of liver toxicity are indeed high as compared to reported instances of acne in the drug.
The anabolic and androgenic components are present in 17-alfa-alkylated steroid type drug, an additional of up to 20LBS were uncommon for the first three weeks of use. It's associated with aggressiveness depicted in athletes but can be controlled in training sessions. They also regain strength and elevations when using the drug. Due to the presence of high androgenic and anabolic components, it’s probably poisonous if abused on the wrong prescription without physicians care.
Oxymetholone has no cases of reported gyno as it’s a derivative of DHT which has aromatization effect to estrogen. High water retention is noted due to aldosterone being retained and ends up creating a lot of distended muscle appearance. From existing users of the drug, they have experienced pain-free joints in training. Used in treating cases of small red blood cell production thus stimulation of red blood cells number when administered. There is muscle stimulation due to oxygen circulation which resulting in protection in overtraining sessions. 
The range 50-200 mg per day is advisable dosage for use in advanced body builders and power lifters at intervals 0f 2-3 dosages daily. The average dosage reported for men is 50-300 mg daily 25 mg for women. The desirable application periods is between four weeks and six weeks of use. In mass building season, mass monsters use the drug for a duration of seven to ten days before the competition
Upon administration, the drug sets back liver functioning by increasing SGPT and SGOT enzymes, indicators of hepatitis due to liver infections. Cases of High blood pressure, irreversible loss of hair. Due to the rise in some red blood cells; there is increased the transportation of oxygen to muscles resulting in muscle pump.
The abuse cases of the drug have been linked to joint effects caused by androgen relate component include but not limited to Prostrate cancer, heart failures. Androgenic effects in women such as the growth of face hair, deep voice, periods disappearance, clitoral size increase, deepened voice. Abuse causes notable effect limited to the androgenic component in men which include; prostate enlargement, hair loss, suppression of HPTA that accounts to low sperm and androgen being produced, stomach problems and diarrhea.
The combination of Oxymetholone with a post-cycle administration of the HCG and Clomiphene Citrate were used to return the-the HTPA to its normal functioning in all but very few extreme cases. Replacement of the drug with high anabolic (Nandrolone Decanoate) during the transition stage maintained the significant amount of oxymetholone leading to lean mass. Thus, the weights recorded due to the combination were good stacks comprising of 50-100 mg Oxymetholone daily, 200-500 mg of Testosterone Enanthate weekly and a relative amount of Parabolan averaging between 152-228 mg weekly. There was an increase in amount uptake after week two, and subsequent 50 mg increase noted up to 200 mg in week three.