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Androlic 50 British Dispensary Oxymetholone Tablets 50mg/tab - 100 tablets

Androlic 50mg British Dispensary(Genuine Oxymetholone Tablets by British Dispensary (50mg/tab. - 100 tablets))

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Product details

Pharmaceutical name: Androlic Tablets

Active Substance : Oxymetholone
Manufacturer: British Dispensary
Package: 1000 tablets - 50mg/tablet
Standard dosage : 500-100mg/day
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This drug is commonly used during offseason for mass building, however several mass builders have used it between 7-10 days before competition through stacking anti-estrogens, antagonist, and diuretics. Both anabolic and androgenic components are present in 17-alfa-alkylated oral steroid type drug. Within the initial three weeks of dosage, described the weight of the body in order of 20 LBS were uncommon. Athletes using oxymetholone experienced recovery elevations and remarkable strength. Users also noted some distinct rise in aggressiveness that was positive on training, muscular size and excessive retention of water.
Unfortunately, if oxymetholone drug is utilized and abused without physician’s care, it turns out probably the most hazardous of altogether, AAS. During use, athletes get huge, however, frequently feel some flu-like symptoms. Its abuse is highly linked to liver and prostate cancer, toroid dysfunction, liver disease, heart disorders and leukemia in addition to hepatic coma. Side effects which were uncommon included compassion to anti-coagulants that the controls are bleeding externally and internally, prostate enlargement, hair loss, nausea, diarrhea, stomach aches and throwing up during an occasion. Women also added potential virilizing symptoms, for instance, a facial growth of hair, clitoral enlargement, missed periods, deeper voice as well as other androgenic related side-effects. Oxymetholone adversely affects the functionality of liver such as a rise in SGOT and SGPT enzymes indicating hepatitis (liver infections) that can be manifested as yellowing of fingernails and eyes because of the proliferation of bilirubin inside the liver.
Oxymetholone drug is derived from DHT. Many users report gyno as a result of use which is unlikely from drug aromatizing since DHT cannot aromatize estrogen. Purchase of bogus oxymetholone from black market dealers which comprised methyltestosterone is the probable reason. High retention of water is caused by oxymetholone as a result of electrolyte retention thereby producing impressive but swollen muscles appearance. The drug also causes a buildup of fluids in joints which is manifested in pain-free common during training for many users. In medicine field, oxymetholone treats low production of red blood cells by stimulating them on administration. This raises transport of oxygen to muscles causing large muscle pump only after few training sets. When stacked by anti-estrogen such as Nolvadex, oxymetholone safeguards against overtraining through recovering between exercises, sets, and workouts at a great note. From a chemical perspective, side effects caused by water retention of this drug responds to antagonist anti-estrogens type and from chemical structure viewpoint, it cannot aromatize towards estrogen. However, readers must realize Oxymetholone, in itself can combine with receptors of Progesterone and thus act as an estrogen this way.
Regarding dosages, power lifters, and advanced bodybuilders frequently reported exceptional outcomes with consumption of 50-200 milligrams daily and divided into 2-3 dosages. 50 mg daily is commendable at initial stages with an increase of single tab per week up to 150-200 milligram daily was safer because the results begin declining after the initial two weeks. The users maintained this dosage for an entire of 2-3 extra weeks. Some reported following protocol that permitted decreased dosages by single tab weekly. Experience indicated that liver stress develops a problem after the fourth week of administration. Replacing Oxymetholone by an anabolic, for instance, Boldenone Undecylenate through the transitional period was useful for sustaining a greater quantity of oxymetholone induced lean of mass.
In many cases, consumers reported that values of the liver resumed to normal after about one to two months of discontinuation. This was supported by the use of existing medical literature about oxymetholone. High blood pressure that should never go untreated was standard during use. Lose of hair also resulted. Regular HPTA function was returned by post-cycle partake of Clomiphene Citrate and hcg-human-chorionic-gonadotrophine Normally, ‘the boys’ started producing normal testosterone and sperm levels after discontinuance of 2-3 weeks.