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Azolol 5mg British Dispensary 400 tablets

Azolol 5mg British Dispensary(Stanozolol (5mg/tab) by British Dispensary, 400 Tablets per pack.)

Stanozolol 400 x 5mg tab. 



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Azolol 5mg Tablets British Dispensary (Stanozolol 400 tabs x 5mg)

Azolol (Stanozolol/Winstrol) is  well-known trade name for Azolol Tablets which are manufactured by a British Dispensary company. Ii belongs to a group of drugs that have strong anabolic properties.  Common brand name that refers to Azolol is Winstrol by Zambon, Stromba, Stanozolol-LA, Stanol 5mg and Stanotrex among others. The main active ingredient is Stanozolol.
Its is mainly used in various sports such as cycling, running among others. Moreover, mass builders have been reported to use this drug for the purpose of gaining mass and strength. Once Azolol is utilized in the right manner, the resultant muscles are well shaped, dry and adamant. Azolol has with dihydrotestosterone, and it has reduced androgenic activity. Its anabolic actions are similar to the ones that are produced by Dianabol although Azolol does not result in water being retained in the body. The carbon position in this drug has also being altered to ensure that it does not lose it activity after passing through the liver when in blood. The alteration also makes Azolol be administered orally although the drug is also available in injection types. Azolol tablets are the primary form in which the drug is sold.

Azolol can be combined with differing steroids so as to achieve the required objective of the drug use. For instance, users whose primary aim for using Azolol 5mg Tablets is to add mass; they can combine it with Anadrol, Primobolan, Deca-Durabolin, Dianabol, Testosterones and Equipoise. Once a combination is of any of this steroid drug is made with Azolol, mass is gained at a faster rate. For cutting purposes. Azolol is mainly stacked with Halotstin, Trenbolone, Deca-Durabolin and Primobolan.This drug produces better mass gain even when small quantities of the drug are administered. Moreover, the mass that is acquired during the drug usage cycle is not lost when the period comes to an end. Apollo has been considered to be the best cutting steroid drug among the weightlifters and athletes. For lean drug cycles, Azolol works best when combined with Androlic, Dianabol or Anabol.

When it comes to dosage for Azolol, the quantities administered per day varies from one user to another.  Women are advised to use 10-25 milligrams of Azolol per day while that of men is 35-100 milligrams per day. Due to the variation in the tablet quantity, care should be taken to ensure that the recommended intake is achieved by using tablets that are available. The minimum administration period for this drug is eight weeks, and the maximum is 12 weeks.

The main problems with this medication are that it is not readily available in the leading steroid stores. This makes its users introduce other steroid drugs in their cycles so as to achieve their objectives regarding cutting and mass gain.Azolol is highly counterfeited by unknown manufacturers making the users lose their money in the purchase fake drugs. Azolol drug that is available in the market also does not carry with it the active ingredient-Stanozolol. Higher doses of this drug are responsible for causing liver toxicity.Liver toxicity is also caused by the Azolol due to the change in the carbon position within the drug structure. Hair loss and development of acne is also common when the drug used.

Additionally, Azolol increases the bad cholesterol in the body and as well lowers the good ones. Thus, any person who has high cholesterol levels in their body should avoid this steroid drug. The increase in bad cholesterol levels in the body leads to narrowing of blood vessels leading to an increase in blood pressure and the risk of getting other cardiovascular diseases.