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Turanabol Tablets 10mg British Dragon (100 tabs.)

Turanabol Tablets 10mg British Dragon(Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Tablets British Dragon 10mg/tab - 100 tabs. in a sachet)

Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Tabs. 



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Turanabol Tablets by British Dragon (10mg/tab. - 200 tablets)

Oral Turinabol (also known as Turanabol or Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) is very popular strong anabolic steroid which minimizes androgenic characteristics while having powerful anabolic action. Originally released in East Germany in 1962 by Jenapharm it proved to be popular for decades amongst males and females alike. It was proven to have no complications and was helpful in  building and protecting bone mass and lean mass. The steroid attained some notoriety during the period of 1974-89 due to its alleged used on Olympic athletes to improve performance. This led to it being discontinued in 1994 and since then it has become a “black market” steroid.

How does it work?
Chemically, Turanabol is 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone which is obtained by altering Dianabol structurally. Just like all other anabolic steroids, Turanabol should help in augmenting the count of red blood cells and should positively affect the nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. As it is known that the red blood cells carry oxygen through blood, therefore an increase in the numbers of RBCs implies that there is more oxygenation of blood which can help in increasing muscle endurance. So that a positive anabolic state is maintained in the body retention of nitrogen is crucial. Synthesis of protein leads to build up of proteins which promote muscle development.

Turanabol can perform all the aforementioned actions, however, the potency is not much as compared to other anabolic steroid. It is ideal for those who want to take steroids but also want to keep the body clean as much as possible.
In athletes, who are into competitive sports, the effects would be more pronounced. It can help the athlete to increase his fatigue limit as well decrease his recovery time.  It can help in enhancing the current state of the athlete.

Dosage cycle
In males, a standard dosage administered could be of the order of 15-40 mg per day. However, even a dosage of 15-20 mg/day can lead to some positive results. This small dosage can work well alongside other anabolic steroids which can help in faster recover rates and higher endurance levels also.
For the full effect of Turanabol Tablets, it is recommended that males should take about 40 mg a day. It should be taken for 6-8 weeks and in no case the dosage cycle should go beyond 8 weeks.  Once Turanabol is discontinued, no other steroid in the C17-aa category should be used for at least two months. Oral Turinabol works efficiently along with almost all anabolic steroids except the C17-aa steroids.
For females the recommended dosage is 2.5- 5 mg and to avoid virilization the dosage should be in excess of 5 mg. Some females may experience virilization even with the recommended dosage due to sensitivity. If someone experiences this, Oral Turinabol should immediately discontinued. The dosage cycle should last between 6-8 weeks.

Side effects
There are no estrogenic side effects of Oral Turinabol, which means it has no progestin traits and water retention is impossible.
Turanabol has the side effects on cardiovascular health and it promotes the increase in the levels of bad cholesterol and reduces the level of good cholesterol.  The negative impact of steroid on cardiovascular health is much more as compared to any other injectable steroid. People suffering from high cholesterol should not use this steroid.
Turanabol can also suppress the levels of testosterone therefore it should be used along with exogenous testosterone.  
It can have negative impact on the liver therefore people with liver ailments should not consume it. If you have to use this steroid ensure there is no alcohol used along with the dosage of the steroid.
Also, with this steroid no over the counter medication should be taken.